Karma (10th house of the horoscope)

Tenth house

The tenth house is the house of karma (karma-bhava), but because it is associated all kinds of actions and deeds. This house is the main indicator of our impact on the world. It is associated with career and professional calling. By itself, the tenth house does not prejudge the career as the professional life of a person is linked as the first house and other factors of the card. However, it allows you to determine what kind of success will encourage people in the professional field.

The tenth house is the house of skills and qualifications, achievements, honors, recognition and prestige. It determines social status. we may reach, and authority associated with this position. In General, the tenth house important index of political and worldly power. It indicates which trace left of the people in the world and what karma it brings to the world good or bad. Tenth house is also connected to pilgrimage and religious charity, as acts that create good karma.

Since the tenth house occupies the highest position in the map of the planet there are strong and help us to ascend to dispense to us in life. Tenth house bestows the favor of the authorities, standing above persons and recognized authorities. It helps us to seek attention and recognition, stand out from the crowd. Therefore, under the influence of the tenth house the person may get bogged down in mundane or political interests. What would we do in the area this house is sure to be noticed. And here lies a danger that people will focus all their attention on the achievement of practical goals and superiority over other people.

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the relationship of the tenth house with the aspects of human life in astrology Jyotish

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