Labha (11th house of the horoscope)

the Eleventh house

The eleventh house is the house of the acquisitions (labha-bhava). It means the earnings and profits, all what we possess in sufficient quantity and which provides us with a multiplication condition. It indicates goals and aspirations, desires and aspirations. On the one hand, the eleventh house determines the strength of our individualistic motives, which may give rise to impulsivity and selfishness. On the other hand, he symbolizes the embodiment of our ideals and wish-fulfilment. In terms of family relationships he is the older brothers and sisters, their fate and character.

The eleventh house is the house of abundance. As a rule, all the planets here and snotvornyi, and beneficial nature of the strong and favorable. Any planet in the eleventh house tend to maximize their potential. Venus here may indicate that the owner of the horoscope will be a few marriages. Mercury gives people good mental abilities and ensures success in all things related to communication. Sun promises the fulfillment of major goals we set for ourselves in life.

The eleventh house gives financial acquisition, however, under his influence, people can become overly confident and overestimate their strength. This area of the horoscope is responsible not only for abundance, but for the excesses. At a high level, the eleventh house is associated with spiritual growth, and also with the breadth and clarity of mind. In this respect it is similar to opposing him in the figure of the horoscope, the fifth house. However, the fifth house symbolizes the mind itself, and the eleventh - the ability to translate ideas into tangible form. And if the fifth house is associated with the creation of literary works, eleventh with their publication.

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