Vyaya (12th house of the horoscope)

the Twelfth house

The twelfth house of losses and losses (viaa-bhava), as opposed to the eleventh house of gains. If the eleventh house symbolizes a profit, then the twelfth, by contrast, refers to expenses. It is associated with the reduction, loss, and decay.

Properties of the planets located in the twelfth house, is lost or wasted are being wasted. The sun here indicates a loss of confidence and a bad reputation. The moon is the emotional emptiness and despair. Saturn in the twelfth house weakens the nervous system, inspires worry and fear. Jupiter generates excessive generosity, is able to bring a man to ruin. In General, any planet in the twelfth house of a person weakens, because their energy is suppressed.

The twelfth house is the house of sorrow, disappointment and humility. It refers to the limitations and vicissitudes, sometimes indicates imprisonment. It is the house of secrecy and isolation, symbolizing behind the scenes. It is associated with hospitals and monasteries. But on the other hand, the twelfth house is the house of passion, luxury and revelry, the house of secret pleasures of life.

The twelfth house symbolizes the past (in contrast to the ninth house, the symbol of the future) and characterizes the accumulated karma in the past, under the influence of which we are in the present life. It can denote a sense of guilt, regret and sadness. It is associated with the subconscious, the area of the collapse of our rational mind and ego and fantasies, mental disorders and trance. This is the home of the astral influences and ties with subtle plans that describes, in particular, post-mortem state of our soul.

The twelfth house represents the end of the life cycle. But, believing the end of earthly existence, he at the same time refers to the release, the rejection of ego, renunciation and humility. So the twelfth house is also the home of yoga and meditation. The symbol izolatiei separation, he speaks not only of sorrowful loneliness that befalls a person as a result of the vicissitudes of life, but also about the sublime solitude and inner peace of an enlightened soul.

The twelfth house is also related to foreign countries, especially with distant countries and the overseas territories. Usually, planets in the twelfth house there are people who work with foreigners or seeking success abroad, including politicians and diplomats.

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