Dhana (2nd house of the horoscope)

Second home

The second house determines the livelihood. It is associated with our ability to earn money and support themselves financially. It denotes not so much a career as such, how much financial success we can achieve in the professional field, and in General all the profits that bring us to our works.

From body parts, the second house represents the face, and therefore can show what kind of impression we make on other people. In addition, he is associated with the mouth, and thus characterizes our appetite and can serve as an indicator not only in relation to food, but also in a broader sense, in relation to art, beliefs, ideas, etc. Being the house of speech, it is also associated with intelligence and abilities to communicate, including artistic and poetic expression. It symbolizes education, and directly following the first house describes the period of childhood (between infancy and adolescence).

Killed in the second house may indicate a difficult childhood, or early separation from parents. The second house describes our activities and self-expression in life, our ability to communicate and interchange with other people at all levels. If he is strong, can grant wealth, a high position in society or mastery of oral and written speech. With the defeat, he points to the extravagance or harshness in speech.

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the connection of the second house with the aspects of human life in astrology Jyotish

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