Sahaja (3rd house of the horoscope)

Third house

The third house is the house of brothers (bratri-bhava); and friends and associates. It shows the behavior of the person as a member of a group consisting of people of equal status. It refers to people with whom we are pleased to be working together, and unions, which we make for the sake of achieving certain specific goals.

In Vedic astrology the third house is the house of military skill and valor, symbolized by the weapons. He describes the foundations of our life energy, impulses and intentions that guide us, our desires and aspirations. The third house is the passion driving us, and our bravery and courage, which can take the form of recklessness and impulsiveness.

The third house is an indication of our motivation and our main interests, both physically and intellectually. It is possible to find out what we really like to do. The scope of this home include our Hobbies, favorite games. Well located on the shore of the planet in the third house indicates a deep interest in the essence of things, the ability to serious research and scientific mind. In addition, they give a person's artistic talents, including abilities to a fine art.

In Western astrology the third house is treated differently: primarily associated with the ability to assimilate information, rational intelligence and logic. However, all these qualities included in the concept of curiosity, which is considered one of the hallmarks of the third house in Vedic system.

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the third house aspects of human life in astrology Jyotish

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