Bandhu (4th house of the horoscope)

Fourth house

The fourth house is the house of the mother (Matri - bhava): it is possible to judge the influence of the mother on the life of owner of horoscope. In addition, he describes the house in which we live, our external environment and the internal environment, mental. The fourth house is associated with the foundations of our emotional essence, with our heart and feelings. His field is education, training and improvement in all areas of life. He also refers to the masses and, consequently, the popularity of the owner of the horoscope, particularly at the public level.

The fourth house symbolizes land and property, as well as the ability to acquire them. As a General indicator of ownership, it represents the same vehicle that we have, for example, a car.

On a psychological level, the fourth house determines how much we are pleased with our house and for us a typical emotional state. It is associated with our ability to rest and relax. Chetvertyi house is the house of human psychology as such, and when you lose it can indicate emotional and mental illness. This may be the most sensitive of the houses, and neutralize to it negative aspects is not easy.

In the spiritual plane the fourth house signifies our religion and the religion in which we were raised. It determines our ability to religious service, the prayers and pious meditations. The fourth house corresponds to the Nadir, or Bottom of Heaven - the lowest point on the map, because it symbolizes the hidden, secret and deeply personal. Beneficial planets in it are conducive to meditation and can give peace of mind.

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