Putra (5th house of the horoscope)

Fifth house

The fifth house traditionally is considered the house (Putra bhava). It refers to our ability to bear children and the relationships that develop from the owner of the horoscope with his children. With the defeat, he points to either childlessness or the grief that will bring us children (for women, a more important indicator of children is often the fifth house from the moon, and not from the ascendant).

In addition, the fifth house is the house of creativity in the broad sense of the word. At a high level, it symbolizes the creative mind and our ability for original thinking. It is possible to establish whether the person is able to give others good advice. In this respect, the favorable fifth house is important for lawyers and politicians. Generally, the fifth house is the most important indicator of the level of development of our intellect (buddhi). With the defeat he indicates that the judgment of a man is often wrong, and thinking distorted by emotion.

On a spiritual level, the fifth house is the house of Ishta Devata, that is, the form of God we chose to worship in this life. He describes the object of our religious worship and the truth that is our guide. Like the ninth, it is the home of godliness and good karma. The fifth house can judge of spiritual resources and merit which we brought with us from past incarnations, karma accumulated in past incarnations. It is also the home of the mantras: it shows how skillfully we are able to use their words and thoughts for spiritual tselei.

The fifth house is the house of love, in its highest form and in the lower. It symbolizes romantic love and our beloved (not necessarily including us in the marriage). This is the house of pleasure and fun, relaxation and our favorite activities. In addition, it is the house of health and vitality.

The fifth house one of the houses of wealth and property. He characterizes our ability to profit from speculation and gambling, but also shows the benefits that bring us the fruits of our labor, the creation of our hands, our entertainment and imagination.

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the connection of the fifth house aspects of human life in astrology Jyotish

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