Ari (6th house of the horoscope)

the Sixth house

The sixth house is associated with disease and hostility. This is the house of enemies (the tent-6хава), indicates obstacles, difficulties and resistance, we have to face in life.

Since the sixth house is the house of disease, the planets located here tend to produce physical ailments corresponding to their nature and, most often, diseases of the digestive system. Along with the ascendant, the sixth house is an important indicator of the physical Constitution of man. In a narrow sense, it symbolizes the immune system. If the sixth house is not affected, this indicates a good resilience of the body. But when the negative aspects to this house people are prone to many diseases.

The sixth house is associated with injuries, wounds and accidents. As well as building strength and impulsive motives, he represents the negative consequences of the abuse of power, which is either sent to the owner of the horoscope or it comes from him. The sixth house symbolizes the militancy of either our own or our enemies, and also indicates the dangers that may entail the use of force at all.

Snotvornyi planets the Sun, Saturn or Mars in the sixth house is strong and gives us the ability to defeat enemies, but point to the need to overcome many difficulties in life and if you have negative aspects, upsetting our health. As an indicator of the enemies of the sixth house could indicate a robbery or litigation that could involve the us in poverty. It indicates the area of life in which we must exercise extra caution.

The scope of the sixth house are work and service, and our ability to practice karma-yoga, the discipline and self-restraint. Favorably situated planet in the sixth house foster spiritual development. Beneficial planet here to help us enter the path of service to people and give us meekness of temper, preserving at the same malevolence and danger of self-abasement. However, the presence of planets in the sixth house may also indicate excessive zeal and reboleira his superiors. The sixth house is the house of efforts and struggle. It determines our ability to hard work in order to solve great problems. In addition, the sixth house describes our relationship with foreigners and with distant relatives.

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