Yuvati (7th house of the horoscope)

the Seventh house

The seventh house is the house of partnerships (kalatra-bhava). In a male horoscope it denotes the wife and female in husband. This is the main indicator of marriage and relationships with the opposite sex. Located opposite the ascendant, symbolizing the self, the seventh house (descendant) is our opposite or complement the collective image of the "other".

Seventh house - the house of love and passion. The planets that fall in it, become pronounced sexual overtones. However, the seventh house describes not so much a romantic interest (which is better to be judged by the fifth house) as strong and lasting personal relationships. Seventh house indicates partnership in the most General sense of the word and not only on personal but on the impersonal level.

As an indicator of the relationship between "I" and "others", the seventh house is associated with our social consciousness and ability to influence people. He can point to political power or dominance over other people, especially if there are pests Saturn or Mars. These snotvornyi of the planet can cause the owner of the horoscope concern in the area of sexual relations.

Generally, any planet in the seventh house, even beneficial, does not promote harmony in personal relationships. Mercury here makes the relationship too brief or superficial. Mars leads to conflict, though, and gives the owner of the horoscope personal power over people. Saturn indicates separation, alienation and selfishness, but also gives people power. The sun does not mean equality in relationships: one partner will dominate over others or to subjugate it to his will. Venus strengthens the attraction between partners, but can also create too strong desire. And even Jupiter here unsafe: under its influence a man becomes intemperate, and inclined to impose on the people of their society.

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