Randhra (8th house of the horoscope)

the Eighth house

Eighth house infamous house of death (mrityu-bhava). It represents a failure and a disgrace and can refer to negative character traits, criminal tendencies and cruelty. It symbolizes a chronic illness or injury entailing death. It can also indicate the death of our loved ones. Planets in the eighth house cause of the suffering associated with those areas of life that these planets meet in this horoscope. On the other hand, the eighth house represents the inherited property and can point to a rich legacy.

The eighth house is an extremely deep and mysterious part of the map. It can bring a man of the deepest sagacity, and to open before him the mysteries of life and death. He gives a powerful and penetrating mind (though not always benevolent) and may indicate genius. It symbolizes the research, inventions and discoveries, including in the areas of mathematics and philosophy. He can also grant abilities to the tantric types of yoga and the attainment of occult knowledge. In addition, the eighth house is associated with distant travel or weird adventures, both physically and mentally. This is a house of transformation in the broader sense of transformation, the consequences of which can be both good and pernicious.

The eighth house describes man's connection with the dark side of life or "bottom" of society. In the sphere of influence includes drugs, prostitution and the ability to manipulate other people. The eighth house gives a man a strong sexual passion and can make it very attractive to the opposite sex, however, does not always inspire the desire for a long-term relationship (which was probably the seventh house).

The eighth house is the house of longevity to determine the duration of human life. He points to the circumstances of the death of the owner of the horoscope, but also on the factors that help him survive. Negative and positive information that tells us about the eighth house, the main indicators by which to judge the ultimate meaning of our lives.

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