Dharma (9th house of the horoscope)

the Ninth house

The ninth house is the house of Dharma (Dharma-bhava), which are our core values, principles and ideals. This is the home of the father, displays his fate and character. In addition, he points to the authority figures who guide us and inspire us.

The ninth house is the house of religion, philosophy and law. It represents our spiritual and moral inclinations. He is not able to judge our potential in the field of spiritual work and yogic practices. The ninth house is connected with the deep layers of the mind, with philosophical reflection and the ability to think abstractly. He also points to higher education. Revealing our values, it helps us to make the right choice of profession, especially if we are predisposed to the role of the teacher, or religious figure - childbirth classes directly related to the ninth house.

Ninth house is the main indicator of virtue, happiness and luck, and also sudden and unexpected acquisitions. Favorable ninth house is not uncommon in the horoscopes of people, often winning the lottery or at the races. Good planet in it very effectively resist all kinds of negative factors of the card.

The ninth house gives honor and prestige and power usually compassionate and humane. It helps to quickly achieve recognition and approval. It allows our principles to be expressed in the outside world and control the course of events.

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