The definition of infertility or childlessness


The definition of the system of Jyotish, the ancient Astrology of the Vedic tradition.

Infertility, and other features of the body and traits of a person determined by the special arrangement of the planets. In Vedic astrology there are several schemes of their arrangement, which are the causes of infertility and affect fertility in General. Apart from studying positions of the planets in the Natal chart, indicating the possible infertility, the inability to bear children can specify and external factors such as the shape and color of various parts of the body. The cause of infertility in addition to individual qualities, resulting childlessness can be factors of incompatibility partners. In any case, the question of determining the causes of infertility requires a serious and deep study.

However, it should be understood that the astrological and the physiological causes of infertility are not the final verdict. They only indicate how to overcome the problem of infertility.

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Enter the details of your birth or your spouse (spouses) and determine whether there are obstacles to the astrological fertility, astrological predisposition to infertility.
For a precise definition of the ways of overcoming infertility should seek the advice of a Vedic astrologer.

The position of the planets from the data to determine the causes of infertility

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The causes of infertility in women birth chart

If Chandra and Shukra are located in Lagna and connected with Shani or Rahu and the 5th bhava is occupied or spectrums adverse graha in the female Natal chart, then such a woman is infertile.

Full list of causes of infertility

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The full list additionally provided:

  • causes of infertility or only one child
  • Causes of childlessness
    • because of the curse of the Snake
    • because of the curse of the ancestors, father
    • due to curse of mother
    • because of the curse of brother
    • as a result of the curse of maternal uncle
    • due to curse of Brahmin
    • due to curse from wife in previous birth
    • because of the curse of the spirit of the deceased (the deceased person)

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Check out causes of infertility. The astrological factors which create risk of infertility or childlessness in the Natal chart

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