Lunar calendar

What is a Lunar calendar for the year?

Lunar calendar
Using the calendar year, You will be able to achieve greatest success in Your endeavors, be it work, business, love relationship, or any other worldly Affairs. In ~150 pages of this calendar You will find recommendations for the adoption of decisions on every day, indicating desirable and undesirable activities. Use this calendar, and success will be inevitable.

It's a customised calendar, just for You, with Your data birth and no one else.

Lunar calendar

In ancient times, has always paid great attention to the beginning of the event. It was believed that if the event started in an auspicious moment, it brought a speedy and beneficial results. If the beginning of the event was chosen an inopportune moment, such an event could not only grow slowly but also not lead to positive results.

For what would be events and activities develop positively, people from ancient times used Individual Lunar calendars designed specifically for each according to his birth.

All astrological predictions, Jyotish, including this calendar, along with predictions are recommendations for achieving harmony with the world, the stars, the position of the moon and, consequently, the mind. Follow these guidelines and Your life will be filled with love, happiness and fortune!

Example of the lunar calendar

download a sample individual of the lunar calendar

Make a lunar calendar online

Enter the details of the birth. It will have calculated Your personal calendar.

Getting calendar don't forget to enter year You want it to.

The position of the planets for the specified data of birth in the horoscope

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Get Lunar calendar for these birth data

Example of the lunar calendar for the year

example of the lunar calendar

and recommendations for the day

example recommendations for the day

  • Be sure to specify the correct birth data.
  • Enter year on which to create an individual calendar.
  • Specify the location in which the individual assumes the use of the lunar calendar most of the time.
  • Click "receive" and follow the instructions.
  • After payment of the lunar calendar will be sent by e-mail.
  • A volume of about 150 pages A4

The cost 350 rubles
(Attention!!! Payment is made through the Russian payment system Yandex.Money. In another currency will be charged at the rate plus the Bank's percentage of transfer currency exchange rates.
In terms of $USA would amount to about 5.61;
in terms of EUR of about 5.08)

pay with your visa card lunar calendarpay with mastercard lunar calendar

contains a lot of good

Refer to the calendar

  • good timeMostly favorable time for any deeds. If the description of the day there are limitations, this sign cancels them completely.
  • DangerDanger. For most of the time favorable. Do not start or take a business risk.
  • The risk of fireThe danger from fire. Shall mean the danger from different kinds of power structures, objects associated with fire or high temperature.
  • unfavorable resultsThe day is unfavorable results. In those days, especially not to start anything new. Everything new in the future, the results did not give.
  • harmful effectsDay harmful effects. It goes to health and success in business. Be especially attentive and careful.
  • ailmentsDay likely ailments. In most cases does not have much effect, but to everything that may affect health, treat with care.
  • The new moon of the first lunar dayThe new moon of the first lunar day.
  • The full moon, the fifteenth day of the moonThe full moon, the fifteenth day of the moon.


review :

Anton, a review of the lunar calendar
Thank you! Do business and this calendar is very good at helping to choose the right moment for the transaction and the execution of works. The percentage of successful trades has almost doubled!!! And the atmosphere of this company and the house became more calm and favorable.

review :

Edward, review of the lunar calendar
Thank for the useful thread and clear light now.

Lunar calendar for today,

To determine the exact influence of the moon in this day and choosing the right activities, you should use individual lunar calendar, designed specifically for the area where You are and carry out their activities.

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This code pictures:
Reference code lunar calendar:

A practical guide to determine the appropriate time periods according to the Lunar calendar

Excerpt from the book, Rami Blekt, "How to become clairvoyant. Tutorial real astrology".

General rules

  • the most favorable time for the commencement of any action: the waxing Moon, especially 5 and 10 lunar day, Nakshatra: Sravana and Pushya;
  • a bad time to start any Affairs: new moon, full moon, 4, 9 and 14 lunar day, the growing and waning moon. Days of week: Tuesday and Saturday;
  • positions most favorable in the 11th or 12th lunar day (Ekadashi - these days are in the calendar).

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With best regards and wishes for Many Blessings!

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Using this Lunar calendar You will succeed in work, business, love relationships and other matters. Prepared especially for You on Your birthday

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