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The compliance of certain mantras Deities and days of the week from the book of David Frawley "Astrology of the seers", ed. M.: Sattva, 2003

Sunday - Sun day

There are many mantras for different names of the Sun - Surya, Savitar, Aditya, Ravi, Mitra, Varuna, ARYAMAN, PUSHAN, Indra and Agni.

  • The main name mantra - "OM Suryaya Namah!"
  • Main bija-mantra (seed mantra) - "OM Sum!" (pronounced with a long "U")

Another effective seed mantra of Sun - "RAM" (pronounced c long "A"), the name of Rama are avatars of Vishnu. It strengthens the connection of man with the Divine Light. You can also use the mantra "OM", because this sound is considered the sound of the Sun. The sun is the quintessence of all vowel sounds. Another effective mantra is "HRIM" (pronounced with a long "I"). It emits a gold glow of the heart. These mantras is desirable to say on Sunday, in the daytime (at sunrise, noon or sunset).

Monday - day of the Moon

The moon is associated with the Goddess, the cosmic feminine, the divine Mother. This is the great goddess, Mahadevi, or Mahashakti, the consort of Shiva. In various spiritual traditions it is known under different names: Parvati, Lakshmi, Tara and Quan Yin, Isida and Mary.

  • The main name mantra for the moon - "Om Chandraya Namah!"
  • The main seed mantra "Cham" (pronounced c short "A"), the additional SOM

Also, as the name mantra effective mantra "OM Samaya Namah", and as the seed "SHRIM" (pronounced with a long "I"), which probably should be considered the main mantra of the Goddess. These mantras should be recited on Mondays or in the evenings, preferably before the full moon. Favorable are also the second and third moon quarters, when the Moon takes the Crescent shape.

Tuesday - day of Mars

Mars is associated with war God or a Divine Warrior Scandal, Kartikey or Subrahmanya, the second son of Shiva and Parvati. He is the leader of the heavenly army.

  • The mantra is named for Mars - "Om Kujaya Namah!"
  • The seed mantra of Mars "Om Kum!" (pronounced with a short "U")

Mars has other names Angaraka and Mangala. In addition, the Martian energy enhances the fire mantra "Om RAM!" (pronounced with a short "A", that is different than the solar mantra).

Wednesday - day of mercury

Mercury is associated with Vishnu - the deity who pervades and protects the entire universe as being in her cosmic mind.

Mercury is a Divine teacher or the God of wisdom, like Hermes or Thoth. Therefore, it is also Buddha "the enlightened one", the avatar of knowledge, meditation and compassion. He is the Divine Child, the baby Jesus or the baby Krishna.

  • Mantra name for mercury is "Om Budhaya Namah!"
  • The seed mantra for mercury is "Om Bum!" (pronounced with a short "U")

It is also desirable to use the seed mantra "Aim" or "Aime" is the mantra of the Guru (spiritual mentor) and Saraswati, the Goddess of Wisdom.

Thursday - day of Jupiter

Jupiter is associated with Brihaspati, the priest of the Gods, and Ganesha (sun) clonality God, the eldest son of Shiva and Parvati. For Jupiter you can use the Ganesha mantra such as "Om Gam Ganeshaya Namah!".

In addition, Jupiter the king of Gods and God of thunder as Zeus, Thor or Indra. Indra Mantra "Om Indraya Namah!".

  • Mantra name for Jupiter is "Om Brihaspataye Namah!"
  • The seed mantra for Jupiter is "Om Brahm" (pronounced with a short "A")

Suitable for Jupiter and other beneficial mantras such as, "SHRIM" (with a long "I") that promotes shared prosperity. Just one syllable "OM" which connects us with all-encompassing divine energy.

Friday - day of Venus

Venus is beautiful, young and often very erotic form of the Goddess: Lakshmi, Lalita, Tripurasundari, Venus, Aphrodite, Astarte. It should worship on Fridays, bringing the gift of flowers. Best to do worship on the shore of a lake, river or sea. In her cult the important role played by art, beauty and grace.

  • Mantra is a name for Venus is "Om Shukraya Namah!"
  • The seed mantra "Om Shum!" (pronounced with a short "U")

Also for Venus fits a common mantra of the Goddess - "Shrim" (with a long "I"). Effective and another mantra of the Goddess - "Hrim" (with a long "I"), mantra of love, beauty, modesty, and openness of heart.

Saturday - day of Saturn

Saturn is associated with the God of time in the form of Shiva (Kala) or his wife (Kali). You can worship Shiva in his dark blue form and chant his name "Om Namah Shivaya!". And you can worship Kali. As the dark planet Saturn is usually associated with a dark or sinister forms of the deity.

Saturn is the spirit of the ancestors. It can be appeased by worshiping either their ancestors or the divine Father or Grandfather.

  • Mantra is the name for Saturn is "Om Shania Namah!"
  • The seed mantra for Saturn is "Om Sham!" (pronounced with a short "A")

Good for Saturn Vedic mantra, promoting peace: "Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti". Also useful is the mantra of Kali is "Krim" (with a long "I").


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