The mantra of the money

What is mantra for attracting money?

Mantra money
Is the five syllable mantra, based on Your birth data. Her regular reading enhances the influence of the planets that determine Your financial well-being and various types of income, such as inheritance, wages, profits in business etc. it Also reinforces the trend towards social implementation. This can manifest in the form of career advancement, acceptance in certain circles You as an expert in the activity You are doing, as well as in the form of widening the circle of communication, which opens new prospects for the implementation.

This is a personal mantra. It is made only for You and no one else!

the mantra of the money

How to use the mantra money?

Like all mantras, use of mantras of money lies in its many-fold repetition. That is many times repetition creates vibrations in the body that contribute to achieving this goal, in this case - of wealth and recognition. Chant a mantra can be as aloud, and about myself. However, I would recommend reading the mantra exclusively to myself (in my mind). Mentally pronounce the words in the breath. Thus each syllable of the mantra will increase and thinning of the vibration. On the exhale you need to free your mind of all thoughts. Inhale and exhale need to be made in such a way that You hadn't heard his own breathing, or that the breath is not loud. It is also important to make smooth and flowing breaths. Time of day is best to recite the mantra in the morning after cleansing and in the evening just before bedtime. What would the reading wasn't tedious, I recommend to be limited to twenty repetitions for one approach, that is, in the morning or evening to make a total of twenty breaths with the mental repetition of a mantra.

I want to draw Your attention to the fact that results are achieved better and faster if You will be arriving in peacefulness. If before reading You annoyed, overly emotional or sad, try to first achieve peace and only then, begin to read the mantra.


The mantra to make money online

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  • After payment of individual mantra-money will be sent by e-mail.

The cost 1080 rubles
(Attention!!! Payment is made through the Russian payment system Yandex.Money. In another currency will be charged at the rate plus the Bank's percentage of transfer currency exchange rates.
In terms of $USA would amount to about 17.32;
in terms of EUR of about 15.68)

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Reading individual mantra will help to attract money from a variety of sources. But do not forget the proverb: a rolling stone gathers no moss!

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This is a special mantra, a reading which alters the effect of the planets in the birth chart responsible for the financial position and recognition in society.

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