• Ashwini

    Nakshatra Ashwini

    Nakshatra Ashwini: "we May well hear"
  • Magha

    Nakshatra Magha

    Nakshatra Magha: "May we flourish in the world of the ancestors"
  • Mula

    Nakshatra Mula

    Nakshatra Mula: "May I find the root of the offspring"
  • Bharani

    Nakshatra Bharani

    Nakshatra Bharani: "Let me run senior"
  • Purvaphalguni

    Nakshatra Purvaphalguni

    Nakshatra Purvaphalguni: "Let me get the best share of the Gods"
  • Purwa-Asadha

    Nakshatra Purwa-Asadha

    Nakshatra Purwa-Asadha: "May we, according to our desires, get a sea"

  • Krittika

    Nakshatra Krittika

    Nakshatra Krittika: "Let me eat the food of the gods"
  • Uttara-phalguni

    Nakshatra Uttara-phalguni

    Nakshatra Uttara-phalguni: "May I become a master animal"
  • Uttara-Asadha

    Nakshatra Uttara-Asadha

    Nakshatra Uttara-Asadha: "May we receive the victory that never can be lost"
  • Rohini

    Nakshatra Rohini

    Nakshatra Rohini: "Let it come near me"
  • Hasta

    Nakshatra Hasta

    Nakshatra Hasta: "May the gods believe in me"
  • Sravana

    Nakshatra Sravana

    Nakshatra Sravana: "Let me hear about yourself good words. Let no one to me does not apply"
  • Mrigasira

    Nakshatra Mrigasira

    Nakshatra Mrigasira: "Let I run plants"
  • Chitra

    Nakshatra Chitra

    Nakshatra Chitra: "Let me be wonderful offspring"
  • Dhanishta

    Nakshatra Dhanishta

    Nakshatra Dhanishta: "Suppose we rotate among the Higher Gods"
  • Aridra

    Nakshatra Aridra

    Nakshatra Aridra: "Let me be a Lord of animals"
  • Swati

    Nakshatra Swati

    Nakshatra Swati: "Let me have the freedom to move wherever you want, in all the three worlds"
  • Satabhisha

    Nakshatra Satabhisha

    Nakshatra Satabhisha: "May I be strong and fickle"
  • Punar Vasu

    Nakshatra Punar Vasu

    Nakshatra Punar Vasu: "Let me produce grass and trees"
  • Visakha

    Nakshatra Visakha

    Nakshatra Visakha: "Let me be among the most brilliant of all the Gods"
  • Purvabhadrapada

    Nakshatra Purvabhadrapada

    Nakshatra Purvabhadrapada: "Let me get the radiance and lustre of spiritual knowledge"
  • Pushya

    Nakshatra Pushya

    Nakshatra Pushya: "I may have the brilliance of spiritual knowledge"
  • Anuradha

    Nakshatra Anuradha

    Nakshatra Anuradha: "Let me consider each other in all the worlds"
  • Uttara-bhadrapada

    Nakshatra Uttara-bhadrapada

    Nakshatra Uttara-bhadrapada: "May I find the basis"
  • Ashlesha

    Nakshatra Ashlesha

    Nakshatra Ashlesha: Anyone who donates divine Serpent, Ashlesha, drives away his hateful opponents
  • Jyeshta

    Nakshatra Jyeshta

    Nakshatra Jyeshta: "Let me get supremacy among the gods"
  • Revati

    Nakshatra Revati

    Nakshatra Revati: "May I become a master animal"

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Nakshatra - the so-called Lunar Park. Are very important for determining the nature of the person and time of action

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