Nakshatra Anuradha

Anuradha - Nakshatra / lunar Park

Anuradha is the head of a cat. She wears ruby jewelry. From head to navel she's black and from the navel to the toes as white as snow. In her two hands Lotus and lightning. She rides a horse.

Key concept: the Construction and renewal of relationships, helping the prosperity, the development of mutual support.

Anuradha purposeful Nakshatra, and its goals are usually in harmony with the universal mind. The most attractive quality of this one is light-heartedness, warmth, leadership, friendliness, willingness to help and optimistic Outlook on life. Anuradha is concerned with acquisition and accumulation of knowledge, so the key word is "research". And this study is not a test, and joyful collaboration of people and energies.

Anuradha encourages opposites of communication: the elderly with children, Mature with inexperienced achievers with underachievers, people of different races, castes etc. This Nakshatra can be seen as the universal solvent. Currently Anuradha is one of the nakshatras, having the ability to see the reality behind the false propaganda of the mass media on the social, economic and political levels.

A logical approach to reasoning, Anuradha is the reason that its an alternative fond of exact Sciences such as mathematics and physics. Their ability to combine logic, intuition and freedom of thought gives the sages in every field of knowledge. The numbers is what I prefer Anuradha, so an alternative to the many interested in the occult, numerology or statistics. Anuradha always trying to expand the horizons of the studied subject.

Under the strong influence of Anuradha usually have strong hairy body. They have a wide chest and hips, with age, they often acquire a tummy. The look on their faces is friendly and conveys a sense of well-being, and her eyes and demeanor have an air of mystery. Their behavior in society oscillates between extreme passivity and expressiveness. They are able to combine the friendliness and indifference. Reasonable actions on tivov-Anuradha reflect a balanced manifestation of the opposite of the energy of Mars and Saturn.

Anuradha, often making an effort to comfort others and love to be intermediaries between the people, groups and organizations. They are very interested in everything occult and hidden. They are extremely sensitive, though they like to wear the mask of impregnability.

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key concept and characteristics of Anuradha Nakshatra in the horoscope astrology Jyotish

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