Nakshatra Aridra

Arudra - Nakshatra / lunar Park

Aridra has a black skin and a horse's head. She rides on a Buffalo, wears a green tunic and necklace of human bones. In her hand she holds a red spear.

Key concept: freedom from suffering through correct use of their abilities for solving the current task (no sweat, no strain).

Aridra is a futuristic Nakshatra seeking to free us from outlived her through a series of tumultuous events. Typically, these "storms" last for a short time and if you do not cling to the past, the experience is easy, and the reward will be an update similar to the fresh leaves after rain. For example, someone feels disappointed that I lost my job, but due to this situation, he got the opportunity to follow their calling and become successful.

The character of Ardra similar to the character of the child. Those born under this parameters works have the ability sharply, within a few minutes, to go from intense joy to deep sadness or something average between these States. Aridra - first Nakshatra, which makes the attempt to understand how Maya operates on the intellectual level. She loves to analyze, to know the causes of a phenomenon. Most likely, that is why personality - Ardry have inquisitive research mind.

Aridra correlated with ATA-Shakti - the ability to make efforts to focus on finding and achieving the desired goals. The achievement is the result of the actions of Ardry.

Aridra is the Nakshatra in which develops receptivity and sensitivity because of the vicissitudes created during the time when Chandra, forcing the mind to work, make it active. These qualities make the personalities of Art sensitive to any kinds of pain and in some cases give a strong desire to help those who are suffering.

In ardres emotions meet reason, and it is extremely important to strike a balance between them.

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The essence of this Nakshatra can be described in one word - seeking. Mrigasira very curious and that are similar to Rahu. She pushes the search for new experiences and new experiences, but it brings genuine satisfaction and value only if it contributes to the achievement of the main goal of life....

Punar Vasu

Punar Vasu

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