Nakshatra Ashlesha

Ashlesha - Nakshatra / lunar Park

Ashlesha has a crow or a cat head, all of it red. She has four hands, and in them - a rosary, a pot and two snakes.

Key concept: the Elimination of obstacles to live without restrictions.

The energy which has Ashlesha, the most difficult to manage and handle, especially in the current century.

Even the ancient wise men and scientists said a few kind words in relation to this Nakshatra. Ashlesha is a source diametrically opposite in nature of the effects and events that are difficult to predict. On the one hand, people under the influence of this Nakshatra are prone to philosophy, deep meditation, austerity, solitude, asceticism, and on the other hand, manifest in the behavior of rudeness and selfishness, speak evil, not to suffer humiliation in any form, use their insight to the exploitation of others.

The predominance of energy Ashlesha makes society the cradle of fear and suspicion. Nakshatra thinks like this: "Close the doors with the key and don't trust your neighbor". An alternative to Ashlesha tend to hide their true thoughts and feelings, prone to anxiety, careful. Do not create warm, intimate relationships with other people and do not trust even family members and friends. However, to protect his family and fight with potential enemies, they will be completely without mercy.

Ashlesha use politeness as a tool to achieve the goal. Once the task is completed, they immediately become cold and ruthless. For them, it is possible to climb the social ladder due to intrigues and conspiracies, but since they operate on a superficial level, to notice their tricks is not that difficult.

Ashlesha stingy, which often suffer losses. Many become victims of fraud, especially for those who have this Nakshatra are the Sun and Jupiter.

Ashlesha glutton. Can't stand the feeling of hunger, Thrifty, don't like to throw away. Feel at home in bars, restaurants and the like. Predisposed to various intoxications, not opposed to pharmaceutical medicines with allopathy, antibiotics, etc.

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