Nakshatra Ashwini

Ashwini - Nakshatra / lunar Park

Ashwini beautiful as a Lotus petal, her head horse. Dressed in white, she sits on the logo, holding in his left hand a book, and in right - a pot full of divine herbs.

Key concept: Healing, healing, awakening, different beginnings, forward movement, wonders.

Ashwini can be described in one word - impulsive. Born under this parameters works are distinguished by a strong sense of adventure and knowing the unknown, courage and determination. All these qualities are, in General, positive, however, they also cause a large number of "couple of hoods".

The pioneering spirit helps Ashwini to catch new trends before other that brings them success in business. These people can't sit idly by, many of them are workaholics.

A constant thirst for movement makes Ashwini absolutely useless where you need calm and patience. If the case requires prolonged attention, and not a one-time effort, they will transfer it to representatives of some other one, you're going to do next. Such restlessness reduces the likelihood of their attainment of true knowledge. Especially for the young and underdeveloped souls.

Ashwini is usually independent, confident and do not like when their team. It is good for those who knows exactly what to do and where to go. For those who have not reached this level, the desire to go its own way can be extremely dangerous. Immature Ashwini usually very stubborn and often ignore good advice.

A characteristic feature of Ashwini is a great sense of humor. They are joking carefree and cheerful, both on yourself and on others. And Ashwini love and want to be unique. They like to think they have some special talents not possessed by others.

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key concept and characteristics of Ashwini Nakshatra in the horoscope astrology Jyotish

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