Nakshatra Bharani

Bharani Nakshatra / lunar Park

Fierce Bharani has the head of an elephant and the body color number - lirium. Dressed in red, she rides a water Buffalo, clutching a staff and a lasso.

Key concept: the Birth of a new, fighting, hidden events, difficulties.

The essence of the image of the action Bharani can be described in one word - extreme. She swings between Puritanism and the Bohemian atmosphere, naivety, and wisdom, maturity and immaturity, life and death. The Bharani is the most "thirsty" Nakshatra. Its members often act on instinct, than for some reason, I wanted to try everything that surrounds them, exploring things, people and places with childlike. This same childishness, so useful for research and learning, can lead to unprecedented cruelty. The reason for this is lack of responsibility for their actions.

The emotions and desires of individuals, Bharani is usually so strong that only a few manage to suppress them or to calm. Those who are at a high level of development, direct their enormous energy into positive and useful lessons. Less developed are similar to moths, randomly hopping from one light to another. In the modern chaotic era correctly to unlock the potential of Bharani is very difficult.

This Nakshatra the inherent need for creativity. Women typically implement it in the birth of children. Men are doing on other levels.

In Bharani, the interaction of the masculine and feminine, which makes it one of the most sexy nakshatras. Passionate and amorous, she personifies nature itself that creates the attraction between opposites. However, the development of type nativos-Bharani understands that this attraction a lot more in common with love, harmony and conscious unity, than to physiology.

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key concept and characteristics of the Nakshatra Bharani in the horoscopes astrology Jyotish

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