Nakshatra Chitra

Chitra - Nakshatra / lunar Park

Citra white, with a tiger's head. She rides on a Buffalo, holding in his four hands a rosary, a pot, a book and a vessel filled with nectar.

Key concept: the Acquisition of all the excellent on the material and spiritual levels.

Citra - one of the most mysterious Nakshatra of the zodiac, in which the charm, wisdom and danger mixed together. It is associated with the appearance and ultimate shape of everything, is a great Creator of illusions, making things and objects that make us want to live. Chitra is doing, not caring about the consequences.

This Nakshatra is associated with elegance, charisma, charm, something original, new and unusual. Personality-Citry immediately apparent - they stand out from the crowd and all striving to outshine others. Great storytellers know how to moderate the conversation, indefatigable and invincible.

Chitra - dynamic, energetic Nakshatra, so Natyam Citra, very hard to sit still. They like to engage in one creative activity or another. When this creativity is in harmony with the Universal laws, Chitra all goes well, otherwise they can become unbalanced and selfish.

People under the strong influence of Chitra obsessed with form and structure, approaching things from an aesthetic point of view. All of this is related to Maya, illusion. There are different levels of Maya: it is possible to act on the surface, that is, in order to achieve outer beauty, and top - wanting to find harmony and balance in the relations with the world. In any case, the person-Chitra can learn to manipulate the energies of the Universe and use them, in particular, in order to never to show himself true, and projecting outward a profitable, honorable way.

Chitra in General characterized by a certain insecurity, tendency to doubt. In this case the part of the Nakshatra which is in Virgo, has a deep understanding of Maya, is focused on peculiarities of functioning of anything, and the part that is in the Balance, has more to do with form, focused on the relationship and loves the adoration. Be the first to create a technological device, the second is to give them the appearance that satisfies aesthetic needs. "Dafovska" part of Chitra are more sincere in their desire to understand the inner workings of the Universe, while "osowska" more inclined to Maya than looking through it.

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