Nakshatra of Dhanistha

Dhanishta - Nakshatra / lunar Park

Dhanishtha color of molten gold. She has large full Breasts, her hair long and adorned with flowers, her lips bright red, like a Bimba fruit, she has big attractive eyes. She is dressed in bright red clothes. In one hand she holds a vessel, and the other makes the gesture of blessing. She sits on a Lotus, around which lie the gems.

Key concept: Influence and wealth resulting from helping others to develop their accomplishments and develop resources.

Dhanishtha gives striking traits: boldness, decisiveness, and adventurousness at the same time, the reliability, durability, and good organizational skills. If Dhanishtha is the Moon, then the person easily gives gifts, but in his present nature and greed. He is brave, reckless actions, it is difficult to convince of anything. With this star linked to a love of music and singing, talent to chant mantras and various prayers. Dhanistha can give a person great depth of spiritual understanding, penetration into the secret areas of occult knowledge. These people are quite liberal in their thinking, they can contribute to the unification of others in the name of a common goal.

Personality-Dhanistha have the gift of listening, of discernment and perception of the truth, but can be unjust, reckless and arrogant, if rising sign is weakened any planets. Mars acalcium in Dhanistha and gives the native qualities of the pioneer, a spiritual warrior. People born under the protection of this Nakshatra, achieve fame and recognition. They are able to combine all the resources, all the talents and gifts that you have or other people to guide them towards the same goal. Dhanistha is Nakshatra cooperation. Most often, the luck that gives Dhanishtha associated with distant countries.

Shady side Dhanistha are strong materialistic tendencies can manifest insatiable appetite for acquisitions of all kinds: from wealth to power and glory for the satisfaction of his pride, which leads to greed and sarcasm. The trend of narcissism not the best side of this Nakshatra. If Mars is adverse in the map, personality - Dhanistha can be a heartless, vengeful, not too picky on the means to achieve their goal.

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