Nakshatra Jyeshta

Jyeshta - Nakshatra / lunar Park

Jyeshta yellow and with a head of either a bear or a deer. She holds a rosary, lightning and drove to the elephants. She rides on an elephant.

Key concept: Applying his own experience to proper use of resources to obtain maximum profit while maintaining constant energy and enthusiasm.

Jyeshta is considered to be high among the first eighteen nakshatras. Its main objective is the radical transformation of the person and the acceleration path of his spiritual evolution.

Jyeshta is the Nakshatra where the maintenance of the image is much more important than anything else. Personality-Jyeshta usually concerned with how others perceive them. They want to gain respect in society and do whatever is necessary to adhere to prevailing standards. In ancient times, when the stairs to the esteemed position were acts of mercy, kindness and charity, Giesta worked well. At the present time when unbridled materialism is the norm, energy Jyeshta wasted or to self-destruction. The stereotypical leader of the mob, the corrupt and the foolish politician, a bureaucrat or the head - here types Jyeshta.

As a rule, those who have the ascendant is in Geeste, or it has something to do with Lagnas quickly ripen physically and mentally. They have a good proportional body, but they are not able long to maintain their youth. The upper part of the body they have stronger lower. The easiest way to learn them is to pay attention to discerning and experiencing the look.

Jyeshta tend to exaggerate their troubles and woes. They have a grudge and revenge. They easily become victims of jealousy and are always in search of victims. To fully demonstrate their ability makes them a strong competitive spirit, not domestic demand.

Generosity Jyeshta is their ability to become defenders of the weak, helpless and disadvantaged. They purify themselves rushing headlong into danger to help others. In addition, they keep their word, they are always responsible for things you do. Sometimes, however, their responsibility and the desire to protect excessive. At the moment functioning Jyeshta largely limited to police and other Martian activities.

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