Nakshatra Hasta

Hasta - Nakshatra / lunar Park

Khasta or white, or red, with the head of a Buffalo. She rides a horse, holding a rosary and a zipper. Hasta gives prosperity.

Key concept: thinking on your feet, possess business acumen.

Hasta brings in person confidence in their own abilities, gives the ability to control outgoing energy. Confidence originates in the awareness of their capabilities, and this is the most important property of Benefic. This Nakshatra embodies the limitless possibilities of recovery and rebirth, causes a person to change, to acquire new properties to grow, which is a consequence of the internal needs to continue. Especially under the pressure of external circumstances.

Hasta is one of the most optimistic and creative Nakshatra. It is closely related to cooperation to achieve goals. However, it has little to do with friendship, as Khasta incredulous. It seeks to control everything by any means.

Khasta concerned about the correct use of time in this issue tend to go to extremes - figuratively speaking, will not part with a stopwatch. She's obsessed with meeting deadlines.

Hasta - master of all trades. She is connected with that little activity, which, however, creates the conditions for civilized life. Hasta represents a rather monotonous daily work with its small pleasures than a leadership position, but it develops personalities hast the diligence, resourcefulness, ingenuity and wit. Over time, this transformirovalsya in unwillingness to work in subjection, and the gradual ascent on the career ladder, starting from the first step.

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