Nakshatra of Krittika

Krittika - Nakshatra / lunar Park

Krittika fat and red-faced. She has the head of a goat, yellowish-brown eyes, hair and eyebrows. She wears Golden jewelry and rides on a goat, holding a rosary and a spear.

Key concept: Sharp mind, energetic, gorgeous body, ambition, creativity.

Krittika has both constructive and destructive potential. The first is manifested through the actualization of needs in the works. The second in the counter-tendencies that slow down the evolutionary process. Krittika seeks to understand the reasons for any action and situation, and therefore often faces a mismatch between the apparent and the real, with various kinds of imperfections. Imperfections of Krittika does not tolerate, because it sees it as an obstacle to achieving the goal.

The planet, located in Krittika, given the linearity of effort, act in a sudden and explosive manner.

Personality Came are proud by nature, truthful, kept with great dignity. Ambitious seek power, do not like to beat around the Bush. Different sharp behavior and faux pas, which often offend or scare others. However, what Came out of his way to not permanently, but only when excited. They are quick-tempered, but their anger only lasts a few seconds. Krittika illustrates rather the Sun's wrath than the wrath of Mars.

For external rigidity and harshness Came hide the desire and ability to care, to support others. The fire, despite its destructive power, helps us cook our food and warms on a cold day. In the end, the fire makes possible life itself, because we all depend on heat (fire) of the Sun. Being the steward Came, it makes people born under this parameters works, "element of life support" in their environment. Connection with fire indicates that creativity Came that in turn means a strong connection with the Moon. It, therefore, represents the channel through which can be transmitted energy from the Sun. People with the Moon in Krittika is known, has an attractive appearance. He is energetic in achieving goals but his mind is unstable.

On a spiritual level, this Nakshatra gives the awareness of something, the opportunity to undergo deep cleansing. To the disclosure of his inner nature of Krittika is designed to move the most direct route, so all internal and external obstacles along the way will be ruthlessly destroyed. Krittika contribute to the development in man of Divine qualities. In her rays of demonic power manifested in the form of false humility, selfishness, etc. simply can not exist. As a rule, the influence of this Nakshatra causes in a person's life a radical change. He becomes a "pillar of fire" and the focus of spiritual forces.

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