Nakshatra Magha

Magha - Nakshatra / lunar Park

Maghi dark skin, monkey head and thin body with a distended stomach. She rides a black vampire, holding the sacred Kusa grass and a ball of dough.

Key concept: to Be Regal, to lead, to encourage, to inspire.

Magha opens the sequence of the nakshatras, the main quality of which is the desire to preserve the acquired state. This is the first Nakshatra which affect the process of individuation and represents all that we mean when we say "I". People used to identify themselves with the body and mind, but thinking and intelligence was given the task to realize your true nature as an eternal and immortal soul. Citra allows us to understand who we are and where we came from.

Magha forms the present using the past. Wherever this Nakshatra in the horoscope, it will give a positive result, caused by the accumulated karma. This can be obtaining in the inheritance of property, wealth, or status, or favor those who occupy high position, the successful use of the acquired once the knowledge to achieve the current goals.

Magha - Nakshatra is very worldly, interested in human Affairs. It can convince a person passionate desire for material achievements or, conversely, to liberate from it. In its highest manifestation Nakshatra represents who and surrounded by earthly goods remains an idealist. Magha is associated with saving. Its main impetus is aimed at maintaining the existing traditions, organizations and civilizations. Usually it is the task of those in power.

Personality with a rising or strong Māgha easily recognizable appearance: big nose, average height, linopetra figure with heavy riding, Regal posture. Acting arrogant and reserved, thus hiding the disadvantages.

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key concept and characteristics of Magha Nakshatra in the horoscope astrology Jyotish

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