Nakshatra Mrigasira

Mrigasira - Nakshatra / lunar Park

Mrigasira has three heads (horses, deer and snakes), and its color like the moon. She rides a vulture, holding a pot and a rosary.

Key concept: Adopting the path of knowledge and enlightenment.

The ancient Vedic sages believed that Mrigasira manifested Shakti (great energy of the Divine feminine). This Nakshatra exudes such qualities as benevolence, charm, fluidity, compassion, playfulness, and gaiety. Her humility and tenderness should not be confused with cowardice, because it can be very strong, immovable, and even anger, if necessary.

The essence of this Nakshatra can be described in one word - seeking. Mrigasira is very curious and that are similar to Rahu. She pushes the search for new experiences and new experiences, but it brings genuine satisfaction and value only if it contributes to the achievement of the main goal of life otherwise satisfaction will be temporary, and then comes sadness and disappointment.

Mrigasira gives people a variety of artistic talents. In its Supreme form helps you find your way into lower makes infinitely chase for fresh impressions, contributes to the development of the fickleness, superficiality. Born under this NAC - chatrou need to learn to bring the case to the end.

Mrigasira focuses on human mental activity. Very smart, able to easily and quickly examine a variety of subjects. They have the talent to intellectual work. However, because of the tendency to spray the attention and lead a sedentary lifestyle, they often suffer from mental strain, nervous exhaustion and other diseases. Useful walk in the fresh air, exercise.

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