Nakshatra Mula

Mula - Nakshatra / lunar Park

Mula dark as night. She has a wolf's head. She's fierce, holding a sword and a club is dead.

Key concept: a Study of the causes and origins of problems, gaining success at the expense of output from the beaten track, avoid the old ways and the introduction of improvements for future achievements.

a Mula has a strong mind, focused on the study and research of all things, indicates a person who seeks the deeper meaning of life. This is a very powerful Nakshatra on the material plane - it can give a position in society and wealth. The problem is that at some point of time Mula takes donated. However, it is not so scary, because in the end, everything and everybody will take the death.

This is a very impulsive Nakshatra, but in most cases it retroactively regrets about their actions. Only when her will is in harmony with the will of the Universe, the functioning of Mulas heading wise Jupiter. The struggle between private and public in this Nakshatra reaches its peak, as the personality is at the top of their expression. Personality-Mulas sometimes are not able to understand your strength and abilities. In some cases it's good, because ignorance limits their ability to harm themselves and others.

Mula is able to give power and domination. Sometimes this may give rise to ego, vanity and arrogance, which lead to actions disgusting and demonic. Man the Mula is vitally important to develop the ability to control the passions, and it is a difficult task. But doing it, he gets the opportunity to direct their energies in the direction of spiritual development.

Among the parts of the body of the Mula is connected with legs to withstand the load of the entire body and this emphasises her ability to take on more responsibility. It promotes nonviolence and protects, gives results in the form of a bright flash, able to develop the talents that are given in a past life.

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