Punar Vasu

Nakshatra Punar Vasu

Punar Vasu - Nakshatra / lunar Park

Rohini has a pig's head. The color is white, and she's sitting on the cat. She has four hands. Three she holds a rosary, a zip and goad to the elephants, and the fourth performs the abhaya-mudra (gesture of fearlessness).

The key concept Punarvasu: Renewed prosperity.

The essence of the nature and mode of action of Those is expressed in two words: "feeding" and "harmony". It represents favourable conditions for life and empowers those under its strong influence, inner contentment, faith in the simple spiritual life, the desire to get rid of negative energies, feelings and thoughts.

Punar Vasu is the asterism in which the intellect and the emotions have the same effect. Their balance creates such quality as intelligence. Punarvasu is relevant to all spiritual practices designed to develop understanding and lead to enlightenment.

The interaction of intellect and emotion makes the imagination developed, bright and active. It is not surprising that people who have a strong bond with Those that achieve outstanding successes in poetry, writing, acting and dramaturgy.

If personalities Those will manifest the desire to climb the ladder and reach a key position, they must be prepared for hard, hard work. To achieve the goal they need to make every effort, knowledge and skills. This will help them innate ability to plan every step in advance to strategize actions.

The position of the moon in Punarvasu is associated with the invisible world, and social ideas. Because it is difficult to achieve success in life in service to others. On the other hand, this situation reflects the knowledge and wealth acquired through personal merit. Big impact on a person's life is having the sensual sphere, in particular, marriage. It becomes a powerful factor of social success or, on the contrary, the cause of the failure. The favorable position of the planets in the Natal birth chart suggests good family life and happiness from children.

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