Nakshatra, Purvashadha

Purvashadha - Nakshatra / lunar Park

Purvashadha has a head of a shark and the color of fresh grass. She wears yellow clothes and lots of jewelry. In her four hands a rosary, a Lotus, a noose, and a vessel. She sits on the monkey.

Key concept: a Distinctive feature of Purvashadha is her belief that she can't lose. Purvashadha feel that it will Excel in everything, wherever energy, because it has such feature as steadfastness in goal achievement. She is able to wait in difficult times and aggressive when there is a chance to Shine. In a sense it is a shy and sensitive Nakshatra, which is able to hide the enthusiasm, drive, energy and talent from the outside world as much as possible. Only after a certain period, during which overcome innate stealth, it shows the real you.

Most of such qualities as ambition, love of adventure, enthusiasm, passion for the philosophical ideas and a passion for travel originated from the nature and way of the action Purvashadha. This is one of the most optimistic nakshatras, and her optimism no shadow of impatience. She is always ready to expect a favorable occasion, when the wind blows in her direction. Purvashadha, absolutely not deterred by obstacles, and she reflects on the failures. Sometimes this can be seen as a negative quality, in the sense that she rarely learns from his mistakes. Simplicity, Purvashadha that acts without thinking about consequences and results, makes her dangerous. It's explosive nature, which is difficult to control yourself, if she broke out. And it does not stop even when she realized the futility of their efforts.

Can often be seen that people under the strong influence of Purvashadha, have unrealistic expectations, ambitions and goals. Purvashadha very straightforward and not always taking into account the feelings and aspirations of other people. It makes the Nakshatra insensitive and even cruel in some situations. That is why Purvashadha often associated with war and other such actions which bring destruction, sorrow and regret.

In its best alternative-Purvashadha - the driving force of society and inspiration to others. They often have a fresh, unique perspective on things, in their presence you begin to understand that life, in the end, not so bad.

Purvashadha is a Nakshatra that is associated with the joy of life. Purvashadha like to live every moment of time "the full" without worrying about the past or the future. They want to live well and try to improve their life circumstances. Often it is their main concern.

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