Nakshatra Purvabhadrapada

Purvabhadrapada - Nakshatra / lunar Park

Purvabhadrapada white and has a cow's head. She's holding a severed sheep's head and a pot of Sidhu (strong alcoholic drink from molasses feed molasses). She rides on the goat.

Key concept: Focus, a tendency to focus on one action, the achievement of success after the removal of obstacles.

If you try to describe Purvabhadrapada in one word, that word would be "diabolical". Most of the negative qualities of human nature such as pessimism, immorality, violence, lies, can be attributed to this Nakshatra. Because of all the negative aspects are manifested through the ego, humility becomes the most important quality for people under the influence of Purvabhadrapada.

One of the few positive qualities of this Nakshatra are faithful to those whom she respects. But it's a double-edged sword, because often the object of her affections does not differ the internal harmony. Thus, for people under the influence of Purvabhadrapada is important at the outset to choose the right object for devotion. Other positive qualities of this Nakshatra is the sincerity and hard work, even if the goals are not too harmonious. Purvabhadrapada has tremendous tenacity and will go to any length to achieve the desired.

Purvabhadrapada associated with both the Stalker and the victim. The souls use the energy of this Nakshatra for transformation by inflicting harm themselves. Severe ascetics, and saints like Vishwamitra, through extreme forms of repentance, in fact use energy Purvabhadrapada.

Personality under the influence of this Nakshatra, it is not easy to distinguish among others, because she has a wonderful ability to adapt and mimicry. Purvabhadrapada - ordinary people with ordinary jobs, who speak, eat and dress up as other, and it is impossible to guess what things they are doing in their private life. They keep secret their features and defects. The only sign that can distinguish a person with a strong Purvabhadrapada, is it tense, nervous demeanor plus a very serious expression. It will be the first one to explode in a conflict situation. And all the same people-Purvabhadrapada trying to behave friendly and be happy. Although in fact they are duplicitous and are the type that work a regular job, and at night visit the fetish clubs, shaking their heads at rock concerts, get pleasure from horrifying fantasies, practice the dark tantric rituals, plan conspiracies and criminal cases. People under the influence of the naksh - tra are very susceptible to radical views and are often in extremist and fundamentalist groups.

Not every person under the influence of Purvabhadrapada expresses negative energy physically. More developed souls involved in the battle between light and darkness inside their own mind and heart. Purvabhadrapada instead of having to be the pursuers, are victims. Artists under the strong influence of this asterism, often channel all his dark energy into creativity, whether it be literature, music or painting.

In the sexual sphere Purvabhadrapada, like everything else, tend to oscillate between opposites. All kinds of sexual perversions and phobias are considered to be outbound from this one.

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Secrecy, confidentiality - the characteristic properties Satabhisha. It hides the essence of things, hiding it from prying eyes. Satabhisha always trying to get access to what is hidden, and that draws power....



It is very difficult to describe the exact nature of this Nakshatra. It can operate in a variety of ways, adapting to their needs and environment, has a great diversity of qualities, properties, and manifestations....

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