Nakshatra Purvaphalguni

Purvaphalguni - Nakshatra / lunar Park

Purvaphalguni has the head of an elephant and the red skin. She sits on the wheel and keeps a parrot on each hand.

Key concept: Maintaining consent, the formation of unions, the joy of interaction with people and enjoyment of a good, hospitable host.

Purvaphalguni associated with such things as rest, relaxation, enjoyment, pleasure, affection, sexual desire and marital happiness. Personality - Purvaphalguni concerned about the state of my body, because I really want to look beautiful. They prefer an easy life full of comfort and luxury.

Personalities Purvaphalguni strong desire to be noticed, which they often become victim of his pretentious behavior. To learn something new to them is extremely difficult, as they don't want to go beyond their little world.

Despite the indulgence of his eccentric weaknesses, Purvaphalguni is social parameters works. She loves working within the existing social standards and shows remarkable flexibility when you have to adjust to the accepted norm. At its best Purvaphalguni can give others warmth and support.

Purvaphalguni is ferocious parameters works because those who are under its influence, is capable of merciless violence. Cruelty Purvaphalguni usually appears in case if someone or something disrupts the peace or interferes with fun. Purvaphalguni easy to offend, they can be inflamed with desire for revenge for nothing. This is particularly evident in cases when they don't get the required amount of attention from others, which, in their opinion, deserve.

Despite the pride, the jealousy and vindictiveness of the person - Purvaphalguni can be an amazing decoration companies, radiating warmth and glowing, sitting on the sofa or couch. They are very easy to spot in the crowd, as they have the most convenient location. Purvaphalguni ready to go at all to provide luxury and comfort, which consider to be their right, and if you do not get the desired, will openly show their discontent. To break out of your comfort zone Purvaphalguni is like poking a sleeping lion.

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