Nakshatra Pushya

Pushya - Nakshatra / lunar Park

Pushya riding on a goat, holding a rosary, a throwing weapon and a pot. Her body shines in orange glitter, and all of it colors the clouds.

Key concept: those who love; the abundance of life's bounty, kindness, love.

Pushya has the aptitude to nourish, to cherish on all levels of being. It symbolizes the place where we can, without fear, to rest in safety and peace. Pushya returns to the blissful state experienced by the baby lying on her mother's arms. It is not surprising that all who are under the strong influence of this Nakshatra, very caring, generous, kind, calm, ready to help in difficult times, know how to make friends. As ruler of the Nakshatra is Saturn, it gives the reliability and fearlessness.

Wherever the energy is directed Pushya growth and expansion. This applies to any area - emotional, creative, spiritual and material.

Nakshatra is located in the constellation of Cancer, which causes her attachment to family and home. Underdeveloped Pushya only care about the welfare of loved ones, highly developed - world prosperity. The negative side of one is that the man withdraws into his cozy little world and not accept anyone or anything beyond that becomes narrow-minded, fanatical in matters of religion and culture. All that does not correspond to a well-structured views and opinions Pushya, arouses suspicion and caution, but in General he tries to keep a smooth relationship with things. Most of the problems and situations Pushya react very reasonable. They are distinguished by the sanity and realism.

Pushya excellent workers, patiently achieve their goals. Show respect to the roots, the foundations, traditions. I like to do the right thing, to abide by standards and rules. Hospitable, decent, polite, courteous, unable to act vulgar or provocative. The negative aspect Pushya makes the individual lethargic, needy and dependent because of lack of willpower.

Nakshatra has an expansive character, but it works without fuss. Located in the planet provide an increase and expansion in those areas that are managed in the map. The activities undertaken during the transit of the moon through Pushya, will give a good result, and the Moon in Taurus carries energy similar to energy of this asterism. Pushya is associated with quick thinking and maybe that's why it is considered one of the best nakshatras for all kinds of trade and business.

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