Nakshatra revati

revati - Nakshatra / lunar Park

Revati has the head of camel, light skin and sonorous voice. She holds a Lotus and a pot and rides on an elephant.

Key concept: the Benefits to be derived from supporting others. Of service to other difficulties of life are reduced and welfare is increased.

revati is translated simply as "rich". Another translation is "to go beyond" that is more suitable for the last one.

The deity of revati is PUSHAN soft and caring, the giver of prosperity and is responsible for the completion of cases. He is in many ways similar to Surya, and is depicted as standing at the beginning of any paths and endeavors. He also covers all roads and therefore as popular as the deity of safe travels. So, revati is associated with all types of journeys: physical, mental, emotional, astral and casual.

Activities revati describe words such as "reverie", "piety", "rotation", "shindig", "determination". This is one of the most enjoyable, friendly and successful nakshatras, which sees everything in a positive light. Personality-revati - the eternal optimists who can not be excitement even in the face of great trouble. They firmly believe in Divine Providence, know how to keep the faith. But in some cases inclined to do nothing but believe.

Many people born under revati parameters works, tend to rely on their own opinion, which is not always connected with reality. To ground revati and to give it realism, you need some influence of Saturn. For example, one person's Jupiter is in the Nakshatra and aspectarian Saturn, and the other person is Jupiter in this Nakshatra with no aspect of Saturn. The first is likely to actively use the many benefits provided by the parameters works, and the second will be prone to pipe dreams.

Since revati - Nakshatra dreamers, its natives are able to create entire worlds around them. This is because revati strongly associated with Maya, illusion. It turns a sort of Maya in Maya, which is not very useful for enlightenment. The best thing people can do - revati, is to see the world for what it is.

Personality-revati support others and they, in turn, always supports someone; they will get help in the moment when you need it most acutely.

Revati can be considered as a higher stage the degree of civilization. Its natives pay special attention to refinement, sophistication, care and cultural behavior, and cultureless behavior reject. Many people-revati born in rich aristocratic family. If there are no negative influences in the map, then revati usually a happy childhood, they are physically perfect, get a good education and early education.

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It is very difficult to describe the exact nature of this Nakshatra. It can operate in a variety of ways, adapting to their needs and environment, has a great diversity of qualities, properties, and manifestations....

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