Nakshatra Rohini

Rohini - Nakshatra / lunar Park

At Rohini snow-white body and the head of the snake. Decorated with garlands of flowers, she rides on the goose, holding a rosary and a pot.

Key concept: the Desire for growth, the definition of the social position of themselves and others.

The Vedic seers believed Rohini conductor of cosmic energy, using which it is possible to achieve execution of any desires, because Rohini is acting beyond the rational logical mind.

Rohini Nakshatra is very fertile, supporting any growth. It is relevant to the creation of what is necessary for civilized life. In its highest manifestation Rohini is interested in using only natural materials, to lower the condone the manufacture of all artificial. Personalities-Ro - Heaney are the true defenders of the environment, developed promote less harmful products, which is what happens, for example, in the cosmetic industry.

Born under Rohini parameters works feature large clear eyes, thick lower lip and smiling face, expressive voice and gestures. They are calm, stable, down-to-earth and balanced. Their hardness and determination is often perceived as stubbornness. Speak smoothly, have a noble, seductive manner, inspire confidence in others. Can use charm in order to resolve cases in their favor.

Rohini helps the materialization of thoughts and desires that makes her artistic. Rohini is a true patron of the arts, so the level of awareness in society about art at any time is determined by the level at which works of Rohini. Today, when artistic standards declined, and took a frankly ugly shape, it is easy to notice that most of the world population Rohini operates through its basest aspect.

Personality-Rohini incredibly persistent and determined, calm down only when desired is achieved. Family values usually mean a lot to them, and they support those who enter the inner circle of their communication. Those who to this circle is not, will not be able to hold the attention of Rohini for a long time.

Despite the immobility of his nature, they love to flit among people when it comes to social and collective interactions. In the lower its manifestation Rohini makes people cool and suave opportunists who cleverly seek the favor and financial support from others.

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The essence of this Nakshatra can be described in one word - seeking. Mrigasira very curious and that are similar to Rahu. She pushes the search for new experiences and new experiences, but it brings genuine satisfaction and value only if it contributes to the achievement of the main goal of life....

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key concept and characteristics of Rohini Nakshatra in the horoscope astrology Jyotish

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