Nakshatra Sravana

Sravana - Nakshatra / lunar Park

Sravana green, with the head of a monkey. She wears gold jewelry, holding a conch, disc, Mace and Lotus, riding horses.

Key concept: Effective listener; getting support and finding success as a result of careful relationship-building and productive interaction with other people.

Sravana encourages meditation and reflection. Its main spiritual impulse - concentration on the current moment. This Nakshatra has a strong organizational skills, she likes to set the order by means of tact and intelligence in all possible ways. It gives a person the ability to listen, to learn and to reflect on the problem to find its solution. She doesn't favor haste, ready to be patient and wait for the right moment.

Sravana is dedicated not only to hearing, it is also relevant to speech and ability to Express knowledge in words, so it is associated with the use and study of foreign languages, music and everything related to education and training.

Overall Sravana - loving and friendly NAK - tent that tries to be reasonable and live in peace with their surroundings. It is prudent, but in its highest manifestation is devoid of selfish motivation. Sravana persistent and stubborn, hates to leave a job unfinished. Perhaps that is why it is believed that everything started in this Nakshatra, is sure to be completed.

In its worst manifestation Sravana uses persistence, foresight and knowledge solely for personal gain. The ability to listen, perceive and communicate knowledge degenerates into splatnosti, backbiting and manipulation. As it is a very purposeful Nakshatra, it becomes dangerous when targets are low and unethical. You need to temper your ego, because only the impartial hearing gives you the opportunity to learn. There is a danger that people under the strong influence of the process of hearing, learn the wrong things. He must be very careful to choose my friends: because of his qualities as a recklessness and a love of unnecessary risk, he could become a victim of fraud and bad advice.

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