Nakshatra Swati

Swati - Nakshatra / lunar Park

Swati has the head of a Buffalo. It is thick and is either very dark or very bright. She goes to the antelope. In her four hands a rosary, the sacred kuśa grass, the flag and the vessel.

Key concept: cut off the ignorance, the self, independence, and the detection source.

The "airiness" Swati defines its restlessness, adaptability, dexterity and a love of wandering. In its highest manifestation of this Nakshatra can give a person of such remarkable qualities as morality, temperance, justice, intellectuality, wisdom, dedication, understanding of the rules of decency and ethics, and ingenuity.

The key word for individuals-Swati - "balance". They avoid confrontation and prefer to maintain harmony. Only highly developed representatives of the naksh - tra is capable of decisive action.

Despite openness to new thoughts and ideas, only a few person-Swati achieve excellence in their field. This stems from the tendency to reflect, not making any conclusions. Swati patiently waiting when everything will fall into place without their participation.

Personality-Swati have slim and graceful figure, stand out in the crowd due to the constant smile on her face. Are natural diplomats and lovers of the high life. Usually they go for everything to fit into dominant social and cultural formations. Swati - proponents of etiquette and civilized behavior. They differ by a stable mentality and an appropriate response to any life situation, often use their charm in order to succeed.

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key concept and characteristics of Swati Nakshatra in the horoscope astrology Jyotish

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