Nakshatra, Uttarashadha

Uttarashadha - Nakshatra / lunar Park

Uttarashadha, white and beautiful. She wears a coiffure of matted hair on top and gold earrings and ornaments in the form of snakes. She holds in her hands a rosary, a snake, a book and a pot. She goes to the snake.

Key concept: Creating alliances for the benefit of everyone; the Union and increase self-esteem by supporting the merits of other people.

Uttarashadha has a direct relation to reign, rule and the obligations which it imposes. It is characterized by courage and aspiration, will power and hardness. At the same time in Uttarashadha shows elegance, traditionalism, authority, politeness and good manners. Usually, Uttarashadha - people with very good qualities, to whose advice to listen.

This Nakshatra gives the ability to follow through. It is very practical, since the majority of its quarters in the fall focused on reaching the sign of Capricorn. If Nakshatra is poorly located, then the person can work carelessly and do not terminate the case.

Uttarashadha pays much attention to structure and order, allowing those who suffer its effect, stick to respectable, sometimes even conformist behaviour.

Her connection with the ancestors is of deep respect for traditional values and the desire to defend them. However, the Saturn influence of this Nakshatra can make a man hard and sharp. It may indicate intolerance of everything that does not match the conventional notion of integrity. Spiritual and philosophical motivation, Uttarashadha aimed at finding practical solutions to life's problems.

This one of little tolerance for behind the scenes influence and deception. People who have a strong influence, Uttarashadha tend to attract situations that leave them with plenty of challenges. On a spiritual level it gives a person the desire to pierce the veil of illusion to reveal the true nature of his soul.

Uttarashadha is directly related to the achievement of high status in society, as well as to leadership and ruling class. They cooperate well and due to this, his friends usually have a known, excellent organizational skills. Stamina, courage, willingness to work long and hard.

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Sravana leads to meditation and meditation. Its main spiritual impulse - concentration on the current moment. This Nakshatra has a strong organizational skills, she likes to set the order by means of tact and intelligence in all possible ways....

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