Nakshatra Uttarabhadrapada

Uttarabhadrapada - Nakshatra / lunar Park

Uttarabhadrapada at the head of an ass, and white skin. In her hands she holds a vessel and the drum damaru. She rides on a Buffalo.

Key concept: Gives us the opportunity to connect with the power supply and the supporting aspects of our personality and environment leads, thus, to maximize growth and abundant harvest benefits.

It is very difficult to describe the exact nature of this Nakshatra. It can operate in a variety of ways, adapting to their needs and environment, has a great diversity of qualities, properties, and manifestations. Since wisdom is the key word for this one under its patronage to act out the peculiarities of the present moment. The intention of this Nakshatra usually friendly. Her ambitions are selfless, it is full of empathy, understanding and compassion.

Despite the apparent flexibility of this Nakshatra, it is quite sustainable. Flexibility in this case is just a means to achieve the goal. Uttarabhadrapada can be compared to a wise man. She never acts hastily and quite often can postpone any action yourself for good. The representatives of this Nakshatra are not in a hurry. This tendency sometimes leads to the fact that they are lazy and don't want to act when inaction is totally unacceptable.

Under the auspices of Uttarabhadrapada always keep in mind the whole picture when you make plans and take decisions, act with caution, keeping everything under control. They make every effort to remain happy in difficult, troubling and adverse circumstances. Personality-Uttarabhadrapada be a good consultants. The cooling nature of this Nakshatra is able to soothe emotions such as anger, revenge, jealousy.

Ascendant in Uttarabhadrapada gives people a calm and serene appearance, modesty, passivity, and passivity, as well as a large physique, broad shoulders, short stature and a tendency with age to gain weight.

How Nakshatra will manifest themselves depends largely on the position of Saturn in the map. The presence of these fiery planets, like Mars, Sun and Jupiter in this NAK - tent, helping her to overcome the inertia. It is necessary to mention that the presence of any planet in Uttarabhadrapada makes the latter more dynamic. In a good position it gives a person the wisdom to correctly identify perspective in life. Being affected, it makes people too conservative, who are afraid to face reality and change.

Uttarabhadrapada can cause destruction or seemingly malicious actions, but these actions are aimed in the name of common sense. Uttarabhadrapada, even destroying, becomes cruel and immoral. Her wrath is noble, so its actions are not thoughtless.

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