Nakshatra Uttaraphalguni

Uttaraphalguni - Nakshatra / lunar Park

Uttaraphalguni has the head of a tiger. She is white and sits on the cow. In her four hands is the sun, the moon, a rosary and a staff with a human head on the end.

Key concept: Implementation, implementation, results.

Uttaraphalguni represents endless opportunities for spiritual growth. The primary motivation is one of helping others or receiving help from others. Uttaraphalguni is a cultural, educated, social and civilized Nakshatra. She cares about etiquette and social skills, gives special importance to the friendship, mercy and kindness, charity.

Independence - one of the hallmarks Uttaraphalguni. This independence is associated with a statement of their individuality as opposed to being part of the crowd. Most people tend to imitate others instead of developing creativity, thinking and having an opinion. Personality - Uttaraphalguni trying to soar over the ocean of the mass consciousness, they do not change their personality to meet circumstances.

Uttaraphalguni is not only benevolent, but cruel, harsh way. It is characterized by a warlike qualities such as aggressiveness, anger, courage, fearlessness, the desire to win and competitive spirit. However Uttaraphalguni likely to forgive and more interested in preserving harmony than in the final victory, it is soft, but at the same time steadfast.

Uttaraphalguni qualities such as insight, intelligence, General awareness, ability to assess. She can act straightforwardly and decisively, but at the same time willing to serve, but only from a position of supremacy. Another integral feature of this Nakshatra is asceticism.

Uttaraphalguni contributes to the expression of the underlying individual characteristics. This expression manifests itself in the outside world like confidence and creativity, and in a negative aspect, as selfishness, pride, self-glorification and delusions of grandeur.

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