Nakshatra Vishakha

Vishakha - Nakshatra / lunar Park

Vishakha red face and red clothes. Her head like a lion's. She wears Golden jewelry and shines from navel to toe Golden glow. She sits on the sheep. In her hands drove for elephants, lightning spear and the vessel.

Key concept: Training field of possibilities in order to at the proper time to harvest benefits.

People under the strong influence of Vishakha, usually look for a situation that will give them power and pleasure. They are characterized by the ability to make Herculean efforts to achieve their goals. Strong Vishakha energy can manifest as courage, determination and the ability to work hard for the greater good or to cause harm to others. The expression "consuming grief", "burning passion" and "burning desire" - all of them are as if created for Vishakha.

The nature of this Nakshatra can be expressed by the concept of "obsession", and the choice of target is her Achilles heel. In our time, the probability of the productions unworthy purposes has increased significantly, so the presence of Vishakha in the map - a cause for concern. As the downward naksh tra Vishakha achieves its goals by secret ways and most of her real motives and actions hidden from others. Once one goal is achieved, put another one and another one and so on and so forth. The activity of this one never stops. Perhaps this is the reason that many alternative-Vishakha can't explain the causes of their misdeeds. I have the feeling that some external force takes control of them and causes them to act very rashly. They are a people absorbed in some fixed idea.

This Nakshatra inherent tendency to festivals and celebrations, the love for lavish ceremonies. Very often people with Viscachas in the map choose the road of sensual pleasure, become a party-goers and revelers. Under the strong influence of this Nakshatra, they easily become victims of excesses in sexual activity, and alcohol consumption. Vishakha is a riotous celebration after the achievement of a goal, but as you know, this achievement is inseparable from the feeling of emptiness inside. It accompanies nativo-Visakh life. They continuously worry about what they have, instead be happy and enjoy what they have. The mindset "well there where we are not" cannot be called healthy, but the frustration leads more developed souls from the mundane and sends them on a quest of true knowledge.

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