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An ancient Names was of great importance. It was customary to give such names, which to some extent would reflect the person's character, his way of thinking and manner of acting. It happened that a newborn was not given a name to until he somehow not show. During life the names could vary: in the childhood the person had one name, another in youth, in adulthood the third and to the old fourth. The choice or change of name would depend on the kind of human activity.

Another selection criterion is the name of a person is balancing its energy. If a person had to be born with unfavorable position of the planets in the birth chart, he selected the name so that it would have strengthened the weakened benefactors or propitiate pests in the Natal chart. Along with this practiced changed names depending on the change of the planetary periods. This was done so to reinforce benefactors of the planets and propitiation of pests. We select thus the names cited in the harmonious presence in the world. His deeds were wrong, relationships with people grew stronger, health and well-being grew.

The following is Male names and names in the form of an index. You can choose the name yourself or your child, but if You want to associate a name with an astrological situation, You'd better consult an astrologer

unfortunately due to the large amount of work to date, not all the names are descriptions of their meanings and are not defined astrological signs.
Thank you for your understanding and patience!

Female names

Female names

Male names

Male names

Names for boys

According to the rules of the Vedic tradition names for boys (men) must be an even number of syllables. For example, the names of the Trimurti (the Hindu Trinity) - Shiva (destroyer of ignorance), Vishnu(the Creator of the world), Brahma(preserver of the world, opinion on the role of Brahma and Vishnu mixed) correspond exactly to this rule.

Names for girls

Names for girls (women) are different from the names of the boys(men) the fact that the number of syllables in them must be odd. For example: Parvati (wife of Shiva)

What name to give the child

When choosing a baby name should bear in mind the factor of sounding of a name the pronunciation of his patronymic, together with the impact of vibration on behalf of the child. Under the influence of vibration of the name would shape a life environment of the child and determine largely its success.

In ancient times, the baby's name was chosen after consulting with the astrologer. Astrologer Natal chart identified strong and weak aspects of the newborn and gave recommendations for the choice of name. In this case, the name was intended to reinforce the factors of the horoscope of birth supporting well-being.

If You are concerned about the future of Your child, consult a astrologer what name is better to choose the child and most importantly, how it can be called in the family circle. Sometimes "rabbit", "cat" or "Fox" may create various kind of problems.

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Female names, Male names. Meaning of names and how to choose the right name

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