The Sun Planet

The study of the location of the Sun in the horoscope allows you to obtain data on the appearance of a person, his energy and main features of its behavior, all relating to his father, health, ability to lead and Gulbene has knowledge of his inner self. The sun represents people working in public administration, working in churches and temples associated with the gold trade and employment in industries relating to healthcare, as well as those who are famous and popular. The sun is the king of all planets, it gives all the heat and light (visible). Thus, the position of the Sun in the horoscope allows us to see how powerful and influential this person is, and how noble, self-realized, he can be...

Planet Moon

The moon represents the subtle form of the mind, and thus mental processes. With its location associated with the processes of perception and will of man. The moon is soft, feminine planet, and represents the human interaction with public, commercial sphere, points on the karma related to the mother. Moon represents places with abundance of water, as well as milk and other liquids, social activities, degree of sensitivity to the feelings of others and represents women. Based on the position of moon in a horoscope can form an opinion about emotions, motherhood and health during adolescence...

The Planet Mercury

Mercury represents the intellect, and therefore under the category of mercury are education, literary activity, means of dissemination and expression of ideas, advertising and lecturing activities, etc. By nature, mercury is a Young, cool sexually, movable. In horoscopes cheerful, talkative, enthusiastic people observed a significant influence of mercury. To a certain extent, it is mercury symbolizes the Vaiṣṇavas, devotees of Krishna. The influence of mercury is visible in the horoscopes of Astrologers, clerks, accountants, sculptors and people using hands. Mercury subordinate language skills, memory, knowledge of the Scriptures, business acumen and the ability to speak convincingly. Friendship, scholarship, knowledge of art and ability to do things quickly or to do several things at the same time are also associated with mercury...

The Planet Venus

Venus by nature is a Brahman teacher and are quite favorable. Venus symbolizes the activities associated with sex, finding a good wife, provided - such as a nice house, furniture, transport, luxury jewelry, etc. Venus rules artists and entertain other people, and tech people earn their living in occupations that are associated with sensual pleasure. Venus is described in Sanskrit prayers as possessing knowledge of the material and the spiritual. A man with a good position of Venus in the horoscope is a charismatic, loves the outdoors, able to make others happy. Venus rules the people engaged peacekeeping, flowers and other beautiful creatures of nature, dancers and musicians, ornaments and jewelry, vehicles and tropical places, sweets and rich food, cows, lovely fabrics and cosmetics. Horoscopes in which the influence of this planet is significantly also point to the overuse, and abuse anything and disease of the organs of excretion. Venusians have a graceful gait, and may be talented athletes...

The Planet Mars

Mars is the "masculine" planet that is associated with the element of Fire, symbolizing the energy of the living being and its focus. Mars is the Karaka (indicator) of energy, spirit of competition, sports, electricity and fire. Machines, electronic equipment, and restaurant owners, cooks, soldiers, etc. - all related to Mars. Mars is also real estate, construction business, all relevant to the ownership, determination and courage, military Affairs, strength, affection, and sexual power and passion. When the influence of Mars is strong, energetic man, prone to creativity, promotes good. If Mars is debilitated, this is expressed in the distraction, the waste of energy on worthless things. In nature Mars is an adverse planet, and in the case of poor positioning in the horoscope can be a sign of violence and destruction...

The Planet Jupiter

By nature Jupiter is the auspicious planet. He is a pious, helpful and honest. In addition to the other qualities of the Jupiter represents religious devotion. As with the Vedic philosophy of karma, virtuous actions are rewarded, you will find a strong Jupiter in horoscope rich and influential people. Jupiter rules financial Affairs, children, religious activities, gives the ability to teach. The strong position of Jupiter in the horoscope means that the person will, in General, happy and satisfied to live in a godly environment to worship God and his devotees. Guru is a Sanskrit name for Jupiter, indicates someone whose opinion is highly valued or the teacher. Jupiter also rules the liver, water in the body, in places of pilgrimages, teaching kids, Finance agencies and knowledge of Vedanta...

The Planet Saturn

Saturn is a powerful planet, sinister in nature. Saturn rules death and the aging of the body, the practice of Yoga and renunciation of the material world, foreign countries and people from faraway lands, black market dealers and thieves, the workers of low qualification, and it is particularly closely associated with the work and human occupation. Its position in the horoscope indicates the kind of human activities, the fight that is ahead of him on the path to success. Sudras - the workers engaged in dirty manual labour represented by this planet. Things are somewhat dull, gasoline, iron, agricultural products, old things, discarded trash, and laziness, deadly substances, hunters, - all this is in the care of Saturn. Saturn can represent good things like compassion for the needy, community service, long life, mastering the art of meditation, humble service, anything, and power over the masses...

Planet Rahu

Rahu - destructive planet, is the cause of disorder and destruction, customs, contrary to the laws or religion, the cause of drug use, anxiety caused by ghosts and evil spirits, corruption, infectious diseases, or simply the chaotic life routine. The normal function of this planet is to amplify the influence of that house in which it is located; for example, Rahu in the second house is increasing the financial struggles, and the location of Rahu in the seventh house may be the cause of serious marital trouble. When the effect of Rahu significantly, it can give a person the power or leverage of power over many people. Rahu symbolizes the serpent, the fear of suffering for past sins, bad character, and as Buddhists. Rahu will act like the owner of that sign in which it is located. According to the Vedas, Rahu is a demonic planet, in the case of attacking the Sun and the moon, what causes eclipses of the Sun and the moon...

Planet Ketu

Ketu, like Rahu, is a shadow planet and has the same effect as the owner of that sign in which it is located. Many texts say that Rahu acts like Saturn and Ketu is Mars. Ketu has a chilling effect, creates an obstacle to human effort or plunges people into poverty. Ketu sinister in nature and weakens the house which is located, if it is not ecstatic or not combined with any favorable planet. Poison, suffering, desire of liberation connected with the influence of Ketu...

Disclaimer about the planets

For the sophisticated reader I just have to make a reservation. Ancient planets called these objects for ease of notation. Although, most likely, the term "planet" was the cost of translation. In fact, in Vedic astrology these astrological objects are called "Graha". A more accurate translation of this term would be "Something that clings" or even "Crocodile".

Ancient astrologers, as well as his contemporaries, knew that the Sun is not a planet, it is the star. The moon is a satellite and Rahu and Ketu, are not celestial bodies, and some abstract entities, resulting from the rotation of the Earth. Actually it is because of this Rahu and Ketu are considered shadow planets.

Actually the reservation was made for what would once again be noted that we know what a planet and what isn't. :)

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Description of 9 planets, their qualities and characteristics, the impact on the identity of the person

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