Guru (Jupiter)

Jupiter in Vedic astrology

Dressed in yellow, with yellow body, four hands, the teacher of the Gods, peace-loving disposition, seated on an elephant, bearing in his hands a rosary, a water pot and a staff, with a precious sapphire in the crown of the head, the giver of good with a gesture of his hand, Yes he reveals to us the Divine Lord Jupiter his mercy forever and ever.

Jupiter (Guru) is the planet in Vedic astrology Jyotish

Admittedly, Jupiter is the most charitable, generous and beneficent of the planets. Adherents of astrology always looked to help and support. In Sanskrit Jupiter is called Guru, "spiritual teacher" or "mentor". It symbolizes Dharma the law of our inner being, that is the law of creative evolution and self-realization. Jupiter points to the torch of truth, which serves as our guide in life. The location of Jupiter in the Natal chart to judge the nature and hardness of the principles followed.

Jupiter rules over such areas as justice, religion, and philosophy. It is sattvic, that is, spiritual and ethical planet that motivate a person to strive for goodness. Jupiter approves the principle of good in our life and gives all kinds of good.

Jupiter is the planet of mind. Not intelligence, which depends upon information or refined discernment ability (and usually is administered by mercury), but the formless mind, which goes back to eternal laws and, ultimately, to himself in eternity. It symbolizes our sense of self-immortality and shows the extent to which we recognize the cosmic mind and orientirueshsya him in my life. He represents the immutable Divine spirit, which establishes and maintains the laws of nature.

JUPITER is the husband (for woman), guru, Dharma, the law, wealth, success, charity, children, creativity, health.

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Jupiter in Vedic astrology Jyotish

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