Chandra (Moon)

the Moon in Vedic astrology

Dressed in white, osennyj white gloss, with white ornaments, two hands with a Lotus in hand, with the immortal soul, the yogi, seated on a stag, with the jewel in the crown of the head, the giver of good with a gesture of his hand, Yes he reveals to us the Divine ruler of the Moon of thy grace forevermore.

Moon (Chandra) planet Vedic astrology Jyotish

According to the Vedas, Moon was born from the mind. However, the Sanskrit term Manas, which is translated as "mind" actually has a broader meaning. Manas includes not only the mind but also the emotions; it is to be understood as a combination of the ability to feel and consciousness reflecting on objects. It is often used as a generic term to refer to the whole sphere of mental activity. If "I" is the Central point of clarity and perception, the mind is the area of views and manifestations. Not only thinking, attention and reasoning, but also the contemplative thoughts, dreams and fantasies.

The moon is the indicator of our ability to receive gifts and to receive love. Of all the planets it is most vulnerable, and by its position in the horoscope it is possible to judge how the person vulnerable and touchy. Strong Moon suggests a sensitivity, vospriimchivosti, caring attitude towards others and the tendency to support other people. It gives emotional maturity, sense of responsibility and the ability to have a beneficial impact on society.

The MOON is the mother, emotions, personality, sociability, happiness, home, popularity.

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The moon in Vedic astrology Jyotish

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