Shani (Saturn)

of Saturn in Vedic astrology

Clad in blue, with dark blue body, with four hands, son of Sun, a terrible appearance, peaceable disposition, seated on a bull, with a leisurely gait, carrying in his hands a Trident, bow and Mace, with a precious sapphire in the crown of the head, the giver of good with a gesture of his hand, Yes he reveals to us the Divine Lord Saturn his mercy forever and ever.

Saturn (Shani) - planet in Vedic astrology Jyotish

Saturn is traditionally considered the most problematic of the seven classical planets and the main source of harmful influences. For many centuries before him trembled as before a great God of Death. In astrology, Saturn has always been signification death, disease, poverty, separation, ugliness and all kinds of perversions. And although Saturn is also higher, more favorable, at least from a spiritual point of view, the person, even here it remains harsh and demanding, embodying the qualities of severe discipline, asceticism and solitude.

Saturn brings into our lives the constraints and obstacles that hinders the expression of all the manifestations of our "I" inhibits us and sends us troubles and woes. If Jupiter represents the processes of creation and expansion, Saturn symbolises the compression and destruction. Jupiter, the God of joy, and Saturn the God of sorrow. Jupiter is the optimist, Saturn is the pessimist. Jupiter good mentor of the human soul, Saturn is harsh, and sometimes cruel teacher. If Jupiter tells us that "everything is God", Saturn says the opposite: "there is no deity in anything", implying that that in the external, material world, nothing is real.

SATURN is death, longevity, old age, sickness, loss, sorrow, property, fate, limitation, destruction, alienation.

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Saturn in Vedic astrology Jyotish

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