Surya (The Sun)

the Sun in Vedic astrology

Standing on a Lotus, Shine illumed by the red Lotus, two hands and a Lotus in his hand, the Creator of the day, the teacher of the world, seated on a horse with seven heads, with precious ruby in the crown of the head, the giver of good with a gesture of his hand, Yes he reveals to us the Divine Lord of Sun world forever.

the Sun (Surya) planet in Vedic astrology Jyotish

Sun is a great symbol, of the deepest mental and spiritual archetype. The sun is a visible form and presence of the deity. This image, or the face of Truth itself. The sun is God, the divine embodied in nature. The sun is Deva, the deity. For the ancient people the Sun was the one God, Which is the unity of truth. In the individual horoscope the Sun is the symbol of the divine spark in man, the measure of our integrity, our focus and main goal of our life. In the solar religion of the Vedas the Sun is the Atman, the "I" universe. The sun is the Deity that dwells in the hearts of all beings as the self. The sun symbolizes the cosmic intelligence, pure consciousness, the enlightened Mind.

The SUN is the father, the ego, the "I", the soul, individuality, rational mind, honor, and social status.

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The sun in Vedic astrology Jyotish

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