Jupiter types

Jupiter represents the positive, active or healthy side of the water element and Kapha dosha. Jupiter types usually have a strong Kapha Constitution with a good development of muscles, other tissues, and sometimes fat. They have large heads, hands and feet, and with age they can become overweight. Their appearance will be something yellowish or Golden and they, as a rule, belong to warm nature is filled with with smooth blood circulation and good metabolism.

Jupiter type

the Jupiter types possess enormous strength and enjoy physical work, exercise and love being outdoors. They are more active and athletic than other Kapha-types, and it is a significant component of their well-being. As a rule, yupiteriantsy healthy and live long, but can suffer from being self-indulgent and too much desire to achieve in life. Their weakest organs — pancreas, spleen, and liver. They suffer mainly from eating sweet, high-calorie and fatty foods. Excessive intake of sugar can lead to diabetes. If people begin to lead a sedentary lifestyle, then the benefits of their stalwart physiques are fast disappearing.

In psychological terms, Jupiter types are cheerful, happy and satisfied, "herd" and kind, like to communicate with people, often gather friends and family. Expressive, they bubble up with enthusiasm, love the presentation and everything energetic. Love the games and show, but sometimes vulgar, rarely sad, but they have a tendency for excessive optimism. They sometimes presume too much, which leads to excessive waste of forces. Often this is due to questionable ties — when Jupiter is influenced by Venus or Rahu.

Typical jupiterians career can be big business, banking and management. Jupiter types often succeed in finances and realizing their aspirations, accumulate a large amount of property, friends and relations. Another is that they tend to jurisprudence and military science, in something resembling Martian types, but here it comes rather by natural feelings of justice, than from an innate aggressiveness. As for arts, they are more drawn to the music. Often they have a strong healing energy, and those who are close to them, feel the energy boost. Yupiteriantsy often interested in philosophy, religion and spirituality.

the Jupiter types are balanced, kind and compassionate, always striving for justice, moral, ethical and have a religious fervor. But still their feelings and ideals may be too grandiose and exceed permissible circumstances. They wanted to be popular, adhere to traditional religions and can be caught on adherence to rites and deference. Sometimes the external side of religion becomes more important to them her inner essence.

Yupiteriantsy capable of great devotion. They have a balanced mind, and they are at peace with themselves. Often in the later periods of life such people have the tendency to contemplation. Global plans and first principles that interest them more than details or just information. They include benevolence, expansiveness and desire to help others. They like everything that is connected with the progressive development of life, and they contribute, providing breakthroughs in science and knowledge.

Astrological factors

the Jupiter type is formed in the presence of the strong horoscope of Jupiter — for example Jupiter in the ascendant or in other angular houses, particularly if it is located in the signs of his possession (Sagittarius, Pisces) or in exaltation sign (Cancer). Ascendency managed by Jupiter (Sagittarius, Pisces), usually create the Jupiter type, if the other planet is not as-pectrum as Jupiter and the ascendant. A contributing factor is the presence of the Sun or moon in Sagittarius or Pisces. Another reinforcing factor is the position of Jupiter along with the Moon or the corner from it (Gajah Kesari yoga in Vedic astrology terms).

the Jupiter features of the horoscope are also increased, if there is aspect of Jupiter on the ascendant or its ruler. In this regard, remember to follow any special trigonal aspects of Jupiter (fifth and ninth).

--David Frawley, Ayurvedic astrology

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Jupiter types usually have a strong Kapha Constitution with a good...

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