Ketu types

Ketu-types are similar to the Martian. They are usually dominated by Pitta dosha, moderate weight, and body type. They are wiry, slightly muscular and love to be warm. But there are secondary Vata characteristics — they are skinny, nervous, lean, fast metabolism.

salmon type

Their eyes unusually piercing and palpable. Good flow, but there is a tendency to the accumulation of poisons in the bloodstream, skin diseases, ulcers and increased blood pressure. Such people often suffer from neuromuscular disorders, they may be lack of coordination. They often get into trouble, sometimes they need surgical intervention, also suffer from violence in wars and other disasters on a massive scale.

In psychological terms, Ketu-types are independent thinkers, but with a fixation on something private, which may result in obsession. They are introverts and individualists to eccentricity, go their own way and can rebel against society, but can fall if they succumb to the influence of the lower classes of society. People of this type are intolerant of criticism and react to it extremely painful, extremely insecure and can be on the path of self-destruction. Emotionally they are engrossed in themselves useless, if not insensitive.

the salmon-type easy to find among the people of the Martian professions — the military, lawyers and police, but there they engaged in rather scientific and research work. They do well in science, particularly in mathematics, and often become outstanding computer scientists. They capture the past, and they can be historians, archaeologists and geologists. At Ketu-types of acute, discerning, tenacious mind. The representatives of this type are able to focus to such an extent that they forget about everything and capable of profound study. They have no one better cope with the secret research they are able to see the light even in the dark.

Ketu is the indicator of astrologers, depth psychologists and holders of occult knowledge. So in these areas you can find many salmon types. A more exalted Ketu-types of yoga (jnanena), possessing secret knowledge and implement spiritual fulfillment. They see the illusory nature and the transiency of all things and is able to go its own way regardless of external circumstances, is able to overcome his ego. Perhaps they are not always recognized and not always merit-based, but they find happiness in their studies and activities.

Astrological factors

Ketu-types can be identified by the strongly positioned Ketu in the Natal chart, particularly in Ketu on the ascendant or in connection with the owner of the ascendant. Also pay attention when Ketu with Moon or Sun. Another factor is the position of Ketu in the 12th house, with whom he had much in common. Like Rahu, Ketu, the shadow planet, most of the secondary type.

--David Frawley, Ayurvedic astrology

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Ketu types are similar to Martian, usually dominated by Pitta dosha...

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